Painted/brushed heart symbolThis is a very exiting time for me as I finally dive into the wonderful world of blogging! I’ve got a brand new blog and now it’s up to me to fill it with new and exciting content. I believe I will thoroughly enjoy having a place to share and meet new people. I am actually working on a shiny new website now where I can advertise and sell my artwork and I can’t wait until it’s finished so I can share it with you!

Pablo Picasso once said that “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

I believe art is such an important part of our society. It encourages imagination and creativity. It can convey ideas, thoughts, emotions, and culture through colors, shapes, and even words. Every single person has their own technique and their own way of expressing their creativity. Some people paint, some draw, write, sing, take pictures, etc. As I continue with this blog, I hope to inspire artists and hopefully find new creative outlets to delve into.

The first piece of art I would like to share on my new blog is Pixel, my little dragon character I created to be a kind of mascot for this blog. Why a dragon? Because dragon’s are imaginative and creative! Also, dragons are just awesome.

Pixel welcome

Thank you for reading my very first blog post! I hope to have many many more so keep in touch and look for me on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!


photo by: photosteve101