Fluffy Dragon for blogGuess what? It’s Sketchbook Saturday! If you missed last week’s sketch, you can see it here. This week I chose to share a quick dragon that I sketched between classes. And yes, he is fluffy. Not sure why, but I was in the mood to draw a fluffy dragon.

The Inspiration:

I have actually had this idea for a while. The inspiration for this guy came when I saw a picture of a sea slug of all things – the Glaucus atlanticus to be precise. I have to say, they are the coolest little creatures – and they really do look like tiny dragons. I think I may roll with this idea and come up with some more concepts later.

My Materials:

Mixed media (probably 90lb) sketchpad paper (Not sure what brand), and a mechanical pencil.

Join in on the fun and comment below with some sketches of your own!