Alright everyone, I’ve recently decided to begin a new post series that will not only encourage me to post art more regularly, but also keep me in the habit of keeping a sketchbook. This series, called Sketchbook Saturday, will feature a piece from my personal sketchbook every Saturday. I will also include what I used to create the work and maybe even a few tips!

I think sketchbooks are very important to keep with you at all times if you are an artist. Any time inspiration strikes, or if you just enjoy doodling, put it in a sketchbook and save it for later. You never know when you may be able to use those ideas. You never know, the sketches may help on your next project. Keeping a sketchbook also helps keep your creativity flowing and it can be very relaxing. A sketchbook can also be used to experiment with different techniques or utensils as well. Have fun with it! The important thing is to keep drawing and be creative. If your interested in starting your own sketchbook, check out the article by Katherine Brooks on the Huffington Post, 11 Tips For Finally Starting Your Own Sketchbook, And Sticking To It

For today, I will share this sketch I did of Loki from Marvel’s Avengers. I share this not only because I’m a geek, but because I want to show you how using a familiar character can help you learn to draw better. In this sketch, I used only a regular 2B mechanical pencil and used my finger to soften the shading on the face. My choice medium for this was 98 lb. Canson XL Mixed-media paper.

Loki sketch

Sometimes I do Fan Art simply for fun and to express my love for a particular show or character, but often I also use it to try out new techniques or, like I did here, use it as a way of learning how to draw a particular thing or in a particular style. I have always been fascinated by cartoonish styles of art but that style is difficult for me to replicate, especially with people. So, I study the style as well as familiar characters (Loki in this case) in order to practice. Hopefully, when I get good enough, I will be able to draw my own characters with this style.

Do you keep a sketchbook? If so, how has keeping one improved your art or creativity?