So, I’ve had several pieces of furniture sitting around that I’ve been meaning to paint. Finally, I broke down and bought some chalk paint at a local Michael’s store. After surfing through Pinterest, I found some really cute Ideas on how to chalk paint wooden furniture. These were the two pieces I focused on. The first is a Microwave stand my dad made for me. The second piece is an antique coat rack that my great great grandfather made. Both were due for a paint job.

Before Micro stand    Before coat hanger







I decided to start with the Microwave stand. The first thing I did was start browsing Pinterest for ideas. I really loved the distressed look. So, once I had a few thin coats of chalk paint on it, I took a sheet of 220 sandpaper and lightly sanded the edges and corners. It still looked a bit bland, so I took some stencils I also picked up at Michael’s and mixed up some blue paint to add some design and color. This was the finished product!

After micro stand  close-up micro stand

I was so happy with how cute the stenciled designed looked, I decided I would make the coat rack match!

close-up coat rack  close-up coat rack 1

After coat rack

Now, I just have to find some new hanger for the coat rack since the old ones were all bent and broken. Also, I have to get some was or clear coat to seal the paint. I think they turned out pretty cute though! Next on my list is painting my refrigerator (It’s in pretty sad shape. I’ll post pictures later)

If you’re interested, I’ve just made the Pinterest board for all my ideas for my apartment HERE for you guys to check out.

As always, I welcome any feedback!