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A Fresh New Look

Hi, everyone! As you may have noticed, there’s quite a bit of new and exciting changes going on around the blog. I’ve been working on a complete revamp of this site for a while now and it’s finally up! Stay in touch for even more updates on the way. I have big plans for Design Dragon and I hope you will join me in this ongoing adventure. More to come...

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Sketchbook Saturday: Dragons and Sea Slugs

Guess what? It’s Sketchbook Saturday! If you missed last week’s sketch, you can see it here. This week I chose to share a quick dragon that I sketched between classes. And yes, he is fluffy. Not sure why, but I was in the mood to draw a fluffy dragon. The Inspiration: I have actually had this idea for a while. The inspiration for this guy came when I saw a picture of a sea slug of all things – the Glaucus atlanticus to be precise. I have to say, they are the coolest little creatures – and they really...

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Kicking off Sketchbook Saturday

Alright everyone, I’ve recently decided to begin a new post series that will not only encourage me to post art more regularly, but also keep me in the habit of keeping a sketchbook. This series, called Sketchbook Saturday, will feature a piece from my personal sketchbook every Saturday. I will also include what I used to create the work and maybe even a few tips! I think sketchbooks are very important to keep with you at all times if you are an artist. Any time inspiration strikes, or if you just enjoy doodling, put it in a sketchbook and save...

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Furniture, Paint, and Pinterest, Oh My!

So, I’ve had several pieces of furniture sitting around that I’ve been meaning to paint. Finally, I broke down and bought some chalk paint at a local Michael’s store. After surfing through Pinterest, I found some really cute Ideas on how to chalk paint wooden furniture. These were the two pieces I focused on. The first is a Microwave stand my dad made for me. The second piece is an antique coat rack that my great great grandfather made. Both were due for a paint job.                  I decided to start with...

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I’m Back!

Well, here I am again! I know it’s been 5 months since my last update (college will do that to you). I wanted to give everyone an update on what I’ve been doing. I recently came across an article about Photographing Dogs in Action. In the article, it talks about using AI servo mode when focusing on dogs when they are running. I had never tried it before and wow, does it help keep stuff it focus! After reading the article, I decided to try some of the techniques out so I took Perry on a photo shoot/play session. Here...

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Hi, I’m Rebecca, welcome to my blog!
Design Dragon strives to be a place where artists can come for helpful tips and inspiration. I also share many of my own projects here as well. The purple dragon you may see throughout the site is Pixel, the mascot for the blog. For more info about us and our mission, click HERE.

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